The Innovation Behind Regal

Our Process

REGAL Fresh Egg Pasta is created in a revolutionary process that keeps the product fresh for 160 days without using any preservatives or additives. This incredible achievement is the result of years of work and research in the food manufacturing industry.

Fresh pasta has a notoriously short shelf-life which is commonly overcome via high-temperature pasteurisation; this helps with the shelf-life, but deprives the product of all its natural qualities.

With REGAL, we engineered a way to move past compromising quality for a longer shelf-life by looking at other factors that affect the shelf-life in our product. We geared our focus on pre-production rather than post-production when it came to our product’s conservation. Researching where the problems that lead to fresh pasta’s short shelf life start, such as bacteria, water content, and temperature regulation.

Selection of Ingredients

REGAL is dedicated to the roots of fresh pasta, maintaining an all-natural and minimal ingredient list like no other fresh pasta manufacturer. Our exclusive process requires our ingredients to be of the best quality possible using just three ingredients: durum wheat semolina, whole fresh eggs delivered twice a week, and water. With our revolutionary way of production, the taste and texture of our final product from these three simple ingredients transports your back in time to when food was simple, delicious, and wholesome.

We maintain the same level of quality when making the filling for our filled pasta, selecting the highest grade Prosciutto di Parma, Parmigiano Reggiano DOP, and locally sourced meat and vegetables. Our dedication to every aspect of ingredient quality for our products is what makes REGAL stand out above all others. Guaranteed by never using fillers, added flavours, or colourants.

Quality Assurance

REGAL complies with the international food safety standards set by IFS and BRC. Our quality control department closely monitors each product and batch across the REGAL line to assure consistent performance and flavour to our valued customers.