The Future of REGAL

The Future

Of Fresh Egg Pasta

REGAL has a dream for its future, to move to Canada and produce a 100% Canadian product. We are pioneering a new sector of an industry that has lost touch with its roots, and the growing interest for our pasta has really made Canada feel like home away from home.

With the growing demand and opportunities in North America, REGAL has set in motion the plans to build a factory in Canada by 2021. We plan on delivering a product of equal if not better quality, and by only using Canadian wheat, eggs, and water; bringing quality to tables, jobs opportunities in manufacturing and agriculture, and exports to Canada’s economy.

With an increase in consumers opting for healthier eating habits and home cooking, REGAL has already caught the eye and taste buds of many Canadian shoppers looking to cook healthy Italian meals themselves. With REGAL fresh egg pasta, our aim as a brand is changing the narrative that “cooking good food is a lot of work”, and that there is now a healthy and natural option in the fresh pasta section. Let REGAL inspire your inner chef.

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