Prosciutto di Norcia

The King of Italian Prosciutto Crudo, Prosciutto di Norcia IGP, is about to conquer Canada. Taste it with Catalia Import/Export, the only importer of Prosciutto Crudo di Norcia IGP in Canada.

Prosciutto di Norcia IGP is one of Italy’s finest prosciuttos, coming from Umbria, in Central Italy. Its production process, with double dry-salting and a year-long seasoning, is one of the oldest known in Italy. It is not that surprising that Italian butcher’s shops used to be called “norcinerie”, a true testimony to the old meat-curing tradition behind Prosciutto di Norcia IGP.

Prosciutto di Norcia is an IGP-certified product, which means it can be produced in its most authentic form only in the area of Norcia. At Catalia, we make it a commitment to share the best of Italy’s production with Canada and to introduce these products to the national market. Get in contact with us to get to know the King of Prosciuttos better and taste its royal deliciousness!