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All Food Service Pastas are Frozen and Come In 3 – 5 Kg Boxes for your Convenience

Pappardelle – 3 Kg Box

Pappardelle (pap-arr-dell-eh) is a famous Tuscan pasta, whose name comes from the Italian verb “pappare” which means “to gobble up”. This extra-wide flat pasta is characteristically known to accompany “chunky” sauces since its width helps hold onto large pieces of meat, the most famous being a Tuscan wild boar ragu. In the south of Italy you will find Pappardelle used in a similar manner, but instead of a thick sauce with chunks of meat, a light sauce consisting of fresh cherry tomatoes (for the chunky part) and basil and olive oil as a sauce, which is quickly cooked before being tossed with the pasta.

Tagliatelle – 3 Kg Box

Tagliatelle (tal-ya-tell-eh) are a classic pasta known throughout Italy that originated in the north-western regions, similar to Fettuccini, Tagliatelle are a slightly thinner wide-cut flat pasta. The name comes from the Italian verb “tagliare” which means “to cut”, this is due to the pasta existing long before any machines existed to do the cutting. Pasta makers would roll out large sheets of pasta, then cover them with flour and roll them up tightly. They would then start cutting out the pasta by hand. Still a tradition in Italy today, it’s common to see children waiting in the kitchen while their mothers or grandmother roll up the pasta, so that once she starts cutting the segments off, they can grab the little ends sticking out and pull them up to watch the pasta unfurl and have the flour fly out everywhere. Tagliatelle is a versatile pasta, used for both light and heavy sauces, however in Italy it is most famously used to make “Tagliatelle alla Bolognese” the classic ground meat ragu sauce everyone has come to know and love.

Spaghetti alla Chitarra – 3 Kg Box

Spaghetti alla Chitarra (key-tarr-ah) comes from the quintessential pasta labour-saving device that started it all “la Chitarra”. Originating from the Abruzzo region of Eastern Italy, it is famous for being the first home made fresh pasta not to be cut by hand. Near the end of the 1800’s the “Chitarra” was born, a simple wooden frame with wires tightly drawn across it where sheets of pasta could be laid on top and rolled through with a rolling pin, thus cutting a whole sheet of pasta in seconds. “Chitarra” literally translates as “guitar”, because the wires around the wooden frame are so taut that if you run your fingers across them they strum like a guitar. Our Spaghetti alla Chitarra keeps the square cut shape carried on from the tradition of the wire cutting. It is an amazing pasta with great texture that goes perfectly with any kind of sauce, most famously, La Carbonara.

Tonnarelli – 3 Kg Box

Tonnarelli (tow-nah-rell-ee) is the famous western Italian version of Spaghetti alla Chitarra. In the 1800’s when Spaghetti alla Chitarra was born in Abruzzo, the neighbouring region Lazio (where Rome is) decided to make their own version! This “new” pasta was basically the same as Chitarra, except double the size. An amazing thick-cut square spaghetti, Tonnarelli waged and won a great battle against its predecessor. This pasta is amazing for almost any sauces, and has a great bite to it. One dish in particular (which was also taken from Abruzzo by Lazio) is the famous Amatriciana, a salt-cured pork and tomato based sauce, topped with fresh pecorino cheese.

Traditional Lasagna Sheets (Sfoglia Tradizionale) – 5 Kg Box

Regal’s Lasagna sheets, traditionally called Sfoglia (ss-foh-lee-ah) which means “sheet”, are the 100% authentic Italian pasta sheet for making sheet based dishes; Lasagna’s, Cannelloni, Maltagliati, Tacconi, etc,. These sheets are oven-ready – meaning they don’t need to be boiled first. All you need is a pack of Sfoglia, a little imagination, and the world is your oyster. Cannelloni are just a rolled up half-sheet with a filling of your choice and then bake them in a sauce. Maltagliati means “badly cut” and is when you take lasagna sheets and roughly cut them up however you’d like, boil them for a minute and serve with any sauce, and similarly with Tacconi except they’re made by cutting large squares or rectangles from the sheets.

Cappelletti (Mini-Tortellini) Filled with Prosciutto and DOP Parmigiano Reggiano – 5 Kg Case

Cappelletti (kah-pay-let-ee) are a type of tortellini from the northern regions of Italy. The name “Cappelletti” which means “little hat” in English, has a variety of stories behind it. When made by hand, Cappelletti have a tall triangular end where the pasta meets, forming a “hat” that some say mimics the Pope’s Hat, where others say it’s simply because they look like little filled pastas with cute hats. Regardless of their name, Regal’s Cappelletti have maintained the tradition, and have a little pointed tip above the filled section to stick to its roots. These amazing Cappelletti are filled with real Italian Prosciutto and Authentic DOP Parmigiano Reggiano, and they are as delicious as they are cute. Traditionally they are served in broth but have gained popularity being served with sauces as well.

Tortelloni (Jumbo-Tortellini) Filled with Ricotta, Spinach, and DOP Parmigiano Reggiano – 5 Kg Case

Tortelloni (tort-eh-lo-nee) are an extra-large Tortellini originating from the Emilia Romagna and Lombardy regions of Italy. Traditionally a vegetarian pasta, our Tortelloni are filled with ricotta, spinach, and Authentic DOP Parmigiano Reggiano. Tortelloni are traditionally served blanched and stir fried with butter and sage, or in a light tomato sauce, but can be enjoyed in soups, broths, or any sauce of your choice.

Ravioli (Mezze-Lune) Filled with Ricotta, Spinach, and DOP Parmigiano Reggiano – 5 Kg Case

Ravioli are a classic Italian filled pasta that come in all shapes and sizes. Our Ravioli’s design comes from the Southern Tyrol region of Italy where they are known as “mezzelune” or “half-moon” in English. These Ravioli are filled with ricotta, spinach, and Authentic DOP Parmigiano Reggiano, and are now an Italian classic enjoyed everywhere. Traditionally served in a light butter and sage sauce, or a light broth, they are versatile and enjoyable in any sauce of your choice.

Agnolotti (Traditional Square Ravioli) Filled with Beef, Pork, and DOP Parmigiano Reggiano – 5 Kg Case

Agnolotti (ahn-yo-lo-tee) are the classic Italian ravioli. Square shaped, and meat filled, this pasta originates from the Piedmont region of Italy. Legend has it a chef named Angiolino created this style of pasta, and his nickname “Angolot” is where they get their name. Our tribute to Angiolino’s famous Agnolotti are filled with pork, beef, and Authentic DOP Parmigiano Reggiano. These ravioli are traditionally served in a white sauce of butter or oil, and graciously covered with Parmigiano Reggiano, however around the world they are regularly enjoyed in tomato or cream sauces.

Tortelloni (Jumbo-Tortellini) Filled with Porcini, Ricotta, and DOP Parmigiano Reggiano – 5 Kg Case

Tortelloni (tort-eh-lo-nee) are an extra-large Tortellini originating from the Emilia Romagna and Lombardy regions of Italy. Traditionally a vegetarian pasta, these Tortelloni are filled with Porcini mushrooms, ricotta, and Authentic DOP Parmigiano Reggiano. An amazingly rare filled pasta that will bring your customers begging for more every time. Earthy, savory, and creamy, these Tortelloni are good with the most subtle of sauces, either with a high quality EVOO base, or cream based sauce.

Raviolini – 4 Cheese Mix Ravioli – Filled with Ricotta, Edam, Pecorino, and Parmigiano Reggiano – 5 Kg Case

These deliciously light Raviolini come with a special mix of 4 cheeses, Ricotta, Edam, Pecorino, and Parmigiano Reggiano. Styled after the traditional Agnolotti, these are a square cut, delectable pasta. best served with a very light sauce of oil or cream to compliment their flavour and lightness.