Debunking the rumor that “Pasta causes weight gain”

It is not strange when we get questions like “Do I have to ditch Pasta to lose weight?” or “Will I get fat if I include Pasta in my diet?”.

Well the answer is NO! there i said it. A new study has proven again that pasta is not your number one enemy. Infact people who eat pasta have a lower body mass index and smaller waist-to-hip ratio – One fitness goal right!


Did you also know that one cup serving contains about 200 calories (for Dry Pasta) and about 300 calories per 100g (for Fresh Pasta)?. Fresh pasta has a slightly higher amount of calories because of the eggs which are included in the manufacturing process. You should know that Pasta is a low sodium food that can fit perfectly with your weight loss plan. Pasta is so filling that skipping heavy meals at your next meal time after having a plate of pasta is most likely to occur. Pasta is also an excellent source of carbohydrates, which you need to fuel your body (Pasta is to your body, what Gas is to a Car *winks*). It is also enriched with extra vitamins and minerals #eatinghealthy. So next time you see pasta being villanized by carb-phobic people, well you have got your answer.

While pasta is not the villain in the story, how you prepare your pasta or ingredients used can sometime add to the calories consumed thereby weight gain might occur. Here are tips to help with ensuring you do just fine with adding pasta to your weight loss plan.

Tips to enjoy pasta and living healthy!

♥ Portion Control – Make sure you measure your portion before you cook, stick to one and half cup.

♥ Ingredient choice – You need to be particular about the ingredients you use to prepare your pasta recipe. Stick to adding Tomato Sauce no more than 80 calories (for canned / packaged ones), or basic homemade tomato sauce (made by you).

– You can spice it up with lean protein like turkey or chicken breast or shrimp.

– Add vegetables for more vitamins and minerals – veggies like celery, carrots, spinach, mushrooms and a host of others.

♥ Keep it simple by adding Extra Virgin Olive Oil to your recipe – a great and non fatty option.

Stay clear of high fat sauces like the Alfredo’s and you should always read the nutritional facts/table at the back of the pasta package (check out for calorie and fat content).

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